Please Read (FAQs)

You must have embroidery software to open these designs.
You must have an embroidery machine to use these designs.
These are not sew or iron on designs.
Know the file type your machine uses.
The sizes listed are not the size of the actual design, but the hoop it will fit in.
Never, ever change the size or modify the design.
These designs are intended for personal use only and not intended for commerically sold products.

We do Not offer refunds on digital designs.

Why is there a lot of back and forth on the sew out?
Not all designers take the same approach when making designs. Each designer is going to have a different designing 'style'.  Some designers will design their designs to run section by section (ex. moving from left to right/top to bottom).  Other designers might design in a way as to run as much of the same color as possible at a time.  If the second is the style used, you may get more back and forth on the sew out (more threads to trim) but less changing colors if you have a single needle/thread machine.  It's really a matter of preference, but just something you might think about when purchasing designs. We attempt to minimize our color stops (therefore, you may have more treads to change, but less color changes-helpful if you have a single needle machine!).

How do you convert the files?
The process of taking digital designs and converting them to other formats is kind of like translating a story from one language into another language.  Sometimes when the original files/formats (ie .ART) are converted into another file type (ie. .JEF) the whole picture is there but the way the file is interpreted can vary the design slightly. For example, if you wrote a paragraph in English and translated it into Spanish, the idea would be there, but maybe not word for word. 
Why can’t I resize or modify the design I bought?
The files cannot be resized or modified if they are not in the original format/file (ex. If it started as a design in .ART, you cannot change the design in .JEF). Back to the previous example…If you want to change what was written in your paragraph, you would be better off to change your original (in English) before you translated it into Spanish, or you could inadvertently change the meaning of the paragraph!
Why are do some designs have certain letters and numbers but not the one I am looking for?
Almost all these designs are a result of custom requests. Once we make a custom request, we usually try to list it online as a digital design. Therefore, if someone requested an apple with the letter “W” that is what we have listed.

Can I get a design with the letter and number of my choice?
In most cases, yes, however, as mentioned earlier, these designs are usually based on previous requests. We are sorry that we can no longer offer digitizing at “no cost”. Several factors have gone into that decision. A few of which include the volume of request, the amount of time it takes to make, convert and list the designs, as well as frustration when we make the design and then someone decides not to make the purchase. Please see our Custom Digital Design fee schedule.

How long will it take if I request a custom digital design?
Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting custom design orders.

What information does Stitcheroo Design need to make a custom design?
It is helpful if you attach a link to the design you are wanting to customized (example if you want an Apple with a “B”on our site and only see an Apple with a “W”, attach a link to that listing, so that we make sure we are starting off the design you like/want. Some of our designs are similar with slight variations and we do not want to make you the wrong design. It is also helpful for us to know what size design and what file type you will be using.
Why can’t I get a refund?
Returning a digital design is impossible.  There is no way we can take back the file once is sent to you.  You have the property and it is non-refundable. 

What if there is something wrong with the design?
If there is something wrong with the design, we will make every attempt to correct the design. (See below about testing the design...) If you have a problem with a design please email us .   

Please let us know : what design you purchased (again, please be specific, your order # or design name is great), what file type and size that you used, and what was the exact problem. (Not helpful:””The design stunk and didn’t stitch out right!” verses helpful “The outline on the left balloon did not line up properly , it was too far above the appliqué.” Pictures are also extremely helpful. Yes, believe it or not we have had people send us complaints and upon further investigation (picture) it was not even our design!

We will go back and look at our original design and make sure that everything looks good on the native file.  Then, we will check the file type and size that you said you used . Sometimes we find that a particular size/file simply did not convert well. If we can find an issue and fix it, we will send you a revised file.  Please note that if you change the design, it will effect the stitch out of the design...this may not be visible to you until outline and detail stitching.  This is where the errors will occur.

Why do you recommend testing the designs, haven’t you tested them?
Yes, we have run almost all of our designs on our own machines. However, when we convert them to sell as digital designs, they may be altered slightly (see explanation above on what happens during conversion). Also, there are many things that can effect the sew out of a design (see that section). And further more you will be much happier if you have a mistake on scrap material than on the shirt you selected for your special occasion that cost a lot to replace ;) Keep in mind when testing the design to use the same material of the same weight and type (example: 5.4 ounce 100% cotton) that you are going to want the finished design on.

Why isn’t the size and file type I want available?
It is possible we removed it because it did not work well with that design.  Please email us if the file type you are looking for was on the listing, but not in the file.  We can only offer design file types our software is designed for.

What size is the actual design?
The actual design will be slightly smaller than the size listed so that it will fit in that "hoop"size.  And we use whichever is the largest measurement side of the design.  For example:
On a 4x4 hoop size, the largest side the design could measure either way (length or width) would be 3.81.
For a 5x7 Hoop size, the largest side of the design would measure 4.81x 6.81.
(In this hoop size,if it is a long narrow design, it may be 2.65 x 6.81, so it varies by design.)

What file types do you have available?

*Please note that JEF is not always available on every design*
My design isn’t looking right, what do you suggest?

First and foremost, did you try to resize? If so…see the top “Never, Ever resize…”
What type of backing are you using? We recommend 2 layers of backing.
Is your table level and your machine stable? We do not recommend placing your machine on a card table…
Is your hoop too tight or too loose?
Have you tried a smaller sized version of that design?
Have you tried the design on a different type of fabric? Not all fabric will work for embroidery.

How will I get my design?

These are digital download files. They will automatically be emailed to the email address associated with the PAYPAL account that
you purchase the design with, not the email address that you registered on the site with. The files come as a zipped file that you
will have to open/extract. The files are too large to send without being compressed. In the file there will be a file in every size
and type that we sell that design in, so it is a large file. Each file also contains a color sheet and jpeg image of the design.  
If you do not recieve your design, please check your PAYPAL email account, the design will NOT come to the email you log onto Stitcheroo Designs with.  This is a PayPal requirement, not by our choice.  Please check your spam file as well.  You may also view all of your orders by logging into your account on Stitcheroo Designs.  Your previous orders will be there with download links.

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